Big Data Meets the Unique Power of Real-Time Analytics

Navigating traffic, we wouldn’t dream of relying solely on yesterday’s data, whatever the quality.  
Yet until now, energy decisions have been limited to non-current data.
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Smart Buildings Consume Less Power

Buildings account for more than 40% of the world's energy consumption. Studies show that consumption can be reduced by up to 30% in existing buildings without compromising comfort. We can help you reduce consumption, and take advantage of local production possibilities.
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Grid Under Pressure: Avoid Overinvestment

The introduction of electric vehicle charging, instant water heating and induction cooking to grids have created new peak loads. You have two options: expand your peak transmission capacity or improve control.
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Pioneering the Energy Management Revolution

Introducing tomorrow’s energy management solution today. A revolutionary Operational Intelligence solution that accelerates energy savings, optimizes energy investment and minimizes carbon footprint through faster, better, safer energy decisions. Learn more about our Connected Grid software › 

About eSmart Systems

eSmart Systems is based on more than two decades of successful and extensive international business. Our team builds on experience in world-leading IT and energy-related companies targeting global markets.  

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Customer Projects

Even though we are a young company, we have completed a number of high-profile customer projects. 

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