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Our Approach

One of our key differentiators is that we are hardware agnostic for our Inspection Management and Asset Information solutions. This is on purpose so we can provide flexible, modular and scalable solutions to fit our customer’s needs & requirements.​

Our global partnership ecosystem is designed to bring together mission-based teams consisting of the right people and technology to deliver end-to-end solutions successfully to our customers globally.

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Why Partner With Us?

Our partners choose to work with us because we have extensive experience as one of the first to pioneer virtual inspections at scale.

Extensive Domain Expertise

We have over 10 years of domain experience in Artificial Intelligence, Infrastructure Inspections, Inventory and Asset Information Management.

Mature World-Leading AI​

Work with an industry leader with 80+ AI models with 16 Million T&D images processed providing the largest global set of training data.

Purpose Built With Proven Experience

We are a trusted partner working with over 50 utilities to transition their inspections and improve their asset data. 

Explore How You Can Partner With Us

Data​ Capture

To be successful with virtual inspections you need to get your image capture methodology right. We are hardware agnostic, that means we can work with any data capture method and partner from unmanned aerial vehicles manned or unmanned, helicopters, satellite, ground patrol etc. 

Inspection Services 

When required we partner with inspection partners to conduct virtual inspections and capture inventory of critical infrastructure. 

Adjacent Technologies 

Camera and Sensors

We work with various partners on different technologies including camera and sensors for data capture.

Automated Flight Patterns

With aerial vehicles we partner for automated flight patterns to ensure efficient flights with reduced re-flying.

Additional Services

If required we partner with complementary types of data providers for LiDAR, Satellite and Vegetation Management.  

Integration and Consulting

When required we partner with integration and consultancy companies to ensure that our solutions are scaled into business as usual and integrated into legacy systems. 

We also work with leading industry experts to support our customers in various activities. 

Explore our thought leadership with partners

Beyond the limitations of sight – BVLOS flying is changing the inspection game

The transmission line inspection waiver unlocks BVLOS operations for all utilities recognized by the US Department of Energy. Hence, the utility industry could be the 1st to benefit from BVLOS on a wide scale.

Are all virtual inspections the same?

Absolutely not! Lets take a step back and look at the definition of virtual inspections for energy infrastructure; a virtual inspection is any visual asset inspection that is preformed remotely – conducted while physically away from the asset in the field using remotely sensed data (e.g., high-resolution imagery).

Utilizing edge computing algorithms to automate and improve image capture for overhead line inspections

We have seen during our work with over 40 global utilities that one key challenge of transitioning to virtual overhead line inspections is the quality

Watch our webinar – Virtual T&D line inspections – Are they practical, scalable and cost-effective?

Watch this session to:

– Learn what virtual inspections are.

– Discover how they fit into utilities’ current processes and how they can be scaled.

– Uncover virtual inspection pitfalls and benefits that can be achieved.

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