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Giving You Full Management Of Access To Your Critical Infrastructure

Grid Vision Permitto is a system for digital approvals and access permits for operators of critical systems and infrastructure. Purpose-built with utilities, Grid Vision Permitto is a Software as a Service solution consisting of a mobile app and a portal to support the security process for applying and issuing approvals for access to powerplants, substations, aviation, railways facilities, projects and critical infrastructure.

Our customers have realized the following benefits when using Grid Vision Permitto:

  • Improved Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
  • Comprehensive visibility
  • Streamlined process
  • Reduced O&M costs
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Our Solution

Grid Vision Permitto is used across 25 companies in different industries and segments including grid operators, power production (water, wind, gas & district heating), aviation and railways. The solution is designed for multiple use cases for facility owners, personnel in facilities, operations centres, suppliers and 3rd party contractors.

Our Solution Has The Following Processes To Support Secure Access:

Digital Permit

– Fully digital structured process for processing, issuing and receiving permits, access and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) cards.

– All users are alerted when permissions or documentation expires.  Majority of our customers use this feature to issue safety and qualification approvals.

Example use case: We currently have more than 2100 employees from over 400 external companies who have a valid security card for the same critical facility.


Access Control

– Real time registration of who has access to facilities and projects. Our HSE feature provides a number of safety measures to improve HSE. For example all users have a live “visitor board on their app,” so in the event of a crisis situation you can get full overview of other people in the same facilities and be able to contact them with a click within the app!

Example use case: One of our grid customers have approximately 450 employees who have security cards for another plant owners substations.


Safety Alerts

Send important messages to your personnel at your project or facility.

We provide a revolutionary new way of communicating messages to users in the field through our message/alert system. A safety alert is a message that is displayed to the user as part of access registration or when the user leaves a facility.

We provide APIs to integrate with HSE messages. Why not extract information about ongoing work from your Work Order system and show this to users?


Full overview of fundamental documentation of qualifications registered on personnel with associated access permits to help you answer questions such as:

– Do all personnel have the required and valid qualifications?

– Can I ensure that all Safety Supervisors have the correct qualifications in place?


Key Management

We currently have over 5,100 keys managed within our solution.

Comprehensive key management module that gives you control over who is in possession of physical keys. Full digital application and assignment process including:

– Register of available keys.

– Easy to register, edit and update information.

– Reservation of keys

– Key recall with a single click

– Register lost or discarded key


Image Based Data

Ability to visualize photos and videos and links to support the user who has to access facility or project.

Hear From Our Customers

Lyse Elnett Stavanger

Permitto streamlines our everyday life, gives us better control and increases safety related to working up to our facilities.

Frank Boholm
Operations Manager, Lyse Elnett
Sira Kvina Rogaland

With Permitto, we have streamlined a number of processes. It has been a cost and time saving for me and Sira-Kvina. The most important thing is to take care of control and security. Easily. I have full control over the authorizations that are given. It is important to me.

Gaute Tjørhom
CEO, Sira Kvina Kraftverk
Hafslund Eco Oppland

We looked at solutions for electronic access registrations at facilities and projects that we operate, and chose to bet on Permitto. Permitto is flexible with many options, and Verico meets our needs and wishes by further developing the system

Ole Einar Aspeslåen
HSE Responsible, Hafslund E-CO Innlandet
Arva Bodø

Permitto is a flexible system. The supplier is quick to adapt the system to the user’s needs. This contributes to better safety, which is very important in our industry.

Arvid Åsmo
Subject Responsible, Electricity and Operations Manager, Arva
Avinor Stavanger

With Permitto, you get rid of the binders and get it on your phone!

Erik Fercho Nesvold
Subject Reponsible Electricity and Operations Manager, Avinor SVG Airport

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