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Inspecting transmission and distribution assets is tremendously time- and labor-intensive for utilities. For large utilities with sprawling service territories, it is a truly Sisyphean task that never ends. That’s also what makes it the perfect task for virtualization and AI assistance. With the help of experts, leading utilities are now using unmanned drones and algorithms to identify and inspect field assets more quickly than ever before.

Watch this webinar for the ins and outs of a cutting-edge program contracted by Xcel Energy to:

  • Inspect 15,500 miles of transmission line,
  • Including 149,793 structures,
  • And identify and prioritize 29.796 defects.

This webinar will explain the technology and processes used in the program, which captured and analyzed nearly 3.5 million digital images. (Printed, they would have made a stack as high as the Empire State Building.) Utility participants will learn the benefits and requirements of using a virtual inspection program and what AI is and isn’t capable of doing.

Together, eSmart Systems, EDM International and Xcel Energy review the goals and results of the program and share lessons learned from making virtual inspections part of the ongoing work of an operations and maintenance team.


  • John Daniels, VP Customer Success, eSmart Systems
  • Corby White, Principal Engineer, Xcel Energy
  • Paul Petersen, GISP, GIS Manager, EDM International