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Grid Vision Asset Digitization

Accurate Asset Data For Complete Grid Awareness.

Whether it is regulatory compliance, maintenance and capital planning, implementation of a new asset management system, disperse legacy systems or digitalization projects, your require accurate asset data to be successful. ​

​By leveraging our eSmart Systems asset information experts , we can capture the condition of substations through asset documentation, imagery and inspection data. ​

The asset data quality is increased significantly, structured with visual documentation and available for you to use for your day-to day operation.


Grid Vision Asset Guide

The Power Of Accurate, Relevant, Up-To-Date Data At Your Fingertips​.

Enables utilities to view their digitized assets, documentation and other asset data all in one place.

With the uplifted asset related data available in one central location with digital representations of physical assets, utilities can improve critical business decisions as well as improve safety and efficiency in the field.

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Years of Asset Inspection Experience

Software Enabled Services

Minimize Time to Value And Maximize ROI. 

Need support? We got it, with our modular approach we can provide services in conjunction with our software to support our customers to minimize their Time to Value and maximize ROI.

Our teams of experts can provide the following services: ​

  • Capture and process visual documentation from substation assets.
  • Conduct virtual inspections of power line assets based on visual documentation. ​

Our services can be used short-term while building your expertise, or on a longer-term basis.​ Our engineers have extensive domain expertise with multidisciplinary teams with technical backgrounds such as electrical engineering or similar with multiple certifications.

Case Studies


This is our 4th attempt at trying to get our asset information updated. Colleagues who have been involved in the previous projects still don’t believe it’s going to work. That says something about how challenging it is.

Thijs Janssen
Team Lead, Asset Data Enrichment Team, Stedin

We’re very satisfied with the work Verico* has done for us. The authorities have stated that they haven’t seen any grid operator with better control of data and data acquisition than Lyse. That is thanks to Verico.

Frank Boholm
Head of O&M, Lyse Elnett
*Verico is now part of eSmart Systems

We are very pleased with the work Verico* has done for us. They have tools, expertise and work processes of the highest quality. In addition, they are concerned with continuous improvements and make adjustments to processes and methodologies continuously.

Thomas Lyngstad
Head of Asset Information, Statnett
*Verico is now part of eSmart Systems

Watch our Webinar: Master your Substation Asset Data – Expert Insights and Strategies Revealed

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