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An accurate image-based digital inventory that represents your physical grid can unlock tremendous value and support core business processes by improving decision making based on accurate up-to-date data. ​

Our customers have realized the following value: ​

Identified Common ​Vulnerabilities

Identified risk from 22000 substations

within hours

Reduced Unplanned Outage Time

CAIDI decreased by 28%

(41 mins)

Improve Accuracy of Network Calcuations​

Accurate data for congestion management

Documents Processed

AI Powered Image-Based Digital Inventory

Accurate Asset Data For Complete Grid Awareness.

We uplift the quality of grid asset data and provide improved visibility of all infrastructure in the field through an accurate image-based digital inventory.

Our engineers capture the condition of substations through asset documentation, photography and inspection data utilizing AI-powered tooling to improve the efficiency, accuracy and repeatability in maintaining the quality. 

We empower utilities by improving the quality of their asset data going into core business process enabling improved critical business decisions, safety and efficiency in the field.

Case Studies


This is our 4th attempt at trying to get our asset information updated. Colleagues who have been involved in the previous projects still don’t believe it’s going to work. That says something about how challenging it is.

Thijs Janssen
Team Lead, Asset Data Enrichment Team, Stedin

We’re very satisfied with the work Verico* has done for us. The authorities have stated that they haven’t seen any grid operator with better control of data and data acquisition than Lyse. That is thanks to Verico.

Frank Boholm
Head of O&M, Lyse Elnett
*Verico is now part of eSmart Systems

We are very pleased with the work Verico* has done for us. They have tools, expertise and work processes of the highest quality. In addition, they are concerned with continuous improvements and make adjustments to processes and methodologies continuously.

Thomas Lyngstad
Head of Asset Information, Statnett
*Verico is now part of eSmart Systems

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