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Alliander Anouncement (1)

Alliander enhances innovation with Grid Vision.

eSmart Systems signed a contract with Alliander, one of the largest energy network distributors in The Netherlands, to increase safety and optimize asset utilization within their existing energy network with the support of AI.

SDSIC 2024 (1)

We are presenting at SDS Industry Consortium

Join us to learn insights on the importance of accurate asset data, and how a utility built a comprehensive asset repository to ensure efficient operations enabling reliable services for a growing population.

CEATI Inovation 2024 (1)

Come see our presentation with Xcel Energy

Join us in Minneapolis on May 14-15, 2024 at the CEATI Strategy & Innovation Conference to learn more about how AI-assisted virtual inspections can improve your asset management strategy.


ESB Press release website announcement

ESB is going virtual with their infrastructure inspection program.

Through a UAV Inspection Services Framework Contract, ESB will be inspecting up to 10.000 structures over 5 years ranging between 38kV to 400kV, through a virtual inspection program partnering with Fugro, GeoAerospace and eSmart Systems.

Dtech 2024 Announcement (1)

Join us at Distributech 2024!


Visit booth #3483 to see how Grid Vision is transforming infrastructure inspections for energy providers and attend our presentations with utility customers.


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AllgauNetz Press release website announcement (1)

Inspection as a Service program to deliver full virtual inspection of AllgäuNetz’s distribution network.

AllgäuNetz the Distribution System Operator in southern Allgäu, Germany is partnering with eSmart Systems to transition their infrastructure inspection from manual to virtual inspection supported by Artificial Intelligence.

WEB Press release website announcement

Infrastructure is at the core of growth on the island of Bonaire. 

WEB Bonaire selected eSmart Systems, a leading provider of AI-powered solutions to help map WEB assets. This project will help increase the efficiency and safety of infrastructure operations and support accurate data for investment planning. 

Xcel Whitepaper Website Banner

Assessing the Value and Efficiency of Virtual Inspections. 

Learn why your choice of inspection method matters, read the first comparative study since the 1990’s EPRI study. Study prepared by Xcel Energy, eSmart Systems, EDM, Phoenix Air, and Phase One.

BKW Press Release Website Banner

Exciting news! BKW Energie AG is partnering with eSmart Systems.
Through a 5-year program, we will help them transition to an AI-driven image-based virtual inspection program. This collaboration will result in safer, more efficient inspections while optimizing costs. BKW AG is paving the way for a more sustainable power grid, and we are proud to support their vision.

Capital Raise

eSmart Systems raises ~€40m to accelerate virtual infrastructure inspections for power utilities

The capital will be used to accelerate the company’s commercial development and international growth.

Case Studies


We have been excited about eSmart since hearing about them through our partnership with Energy Impact Partners (EIP). Utilizing cutting-edge technology in the form of AI to inspect our distribution poles makes our electric grid smarter, improves our business processes and helps to keep the lights on for our customers.

Zac Gladhill
Director of Grid Integration and Innovation for OG&E

Grid Vision will provide great support for our powerline inspections. We see real value using the tool in our daily work, through improved visibility and awareness of our assets’ condition and the continuous learning of the algorithms driving better asset performance management.

Nicolas Naef
Head of Maintenance Group Power Lines East at Axpo and Drone Pilot at Axpo
Energinet Quote

We needed a solution to help streamline our rust inspections and at the same time improve the end-to-end maintenance process. Working with eSmart Systems gives us access to world class AI and inspection management tools, and the ability to participate in the design of this all-new module is an exciting step on our innovation and digitalization journey.

Kenneth Nørup Knudsen
Team Leader and Senior Specialist at Energinet

Digital and innovative solutions are key for our grids in being the backbone of the energy transition. In order to achieve the best for our network customers, we also rely on strong partnerships with start-ups. By partnering with eSmart Systems, we are improving the accuracy of power grid inspections and the security of supply. Ultimately, fewer mast climbs will be necessary, resulting in an increase in work safety.

Thomas König
Responsible For Networks On The E.ON Board Of Management

Xcel Energy’s work on unmanned aircraft systems with our partners demonstrates that collaboration benefits customers, the economy, and the environment. Our company is an industry leader in using UAS technologies for transmission line inspections and our work with eSmart Systems and EDM will help improve the safety and reliability of the energy grid.

Michael Lamb
Senior Vice President, Transmission – Xcel Energy

This is our 4th attempt at trying to get our asset information updated. Colleagues who have been involved in the previous projects still don’t believe it’s going to work. That says something about how challenging it is.

Thijs Janssen
Team Lead, Asset Data Enrichment Team, Stedin

We’re very satisfied with the work Verico* has done for us. The authorities have stated that they haven’t seen any grid operator with better control of data and data acquisition than Lyse. That is thanks to Verico.

Frank Boholm
Head of O&M, Lyse Elnett
*Verico is now part of eSmart Systems

We are very pleased with the work Verico* has done for us. They have tools, expertise and work processes of the highest quality. In addition, they are concerned with continuous improvements and make adjustments to processes and methodologies continuously.

Thomas Lyngstad
Head of Asset Information, Statnett
*Verico is now part of eSmart Systems

Recent Articles

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eSmart Systems signs a multi-million euro contract with Alliander, the leading energy network group in The Netherlands

eSmart Systems, a global leader in AI-based solutions for inspection and maintenance of critical energy infrastructure,

What is a virtual inspection? 

A virtual inspection is an inspection that is carried out remotely away from the physical asset.

AllgäuNetz GmbH & Co. KG is partnering with eSmart Systems to digitize infrastructure inspections

Inspection as a Service program to deliver full virtual inspection of AllgäuNetz’s distribution network. Virtual inspection

eSmart Systems will map utility company assets on Bonaire

WEB Bonaire partners with eSmart System to enable the growth of the island by increasing the efficiency and safety of infrastructure operations and supporting accurate data for investment planning.

Assessing the value and efficiency of virtual inspections. A comparative study of foot patrol and virtual inspections.

This white paper provides an overview of a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of two modes of visual inspection of overhead transmission lines, namely foot patrols and imagery-based virtual inspections. The analysis utilized data from Xcel Energy’s inspection program.

BKW Energie AG partners with eSmart Systems to digitalize and automate their current inspection process for a more sustainable future

BKW Energie AG, operator of Switzerland’s largest distribution system has announced a partnership with eSmart Systems to transition their current visual inspections to a complete image-based virtual inspection process.

Beyond the limitations of sight – BVLOS flying is changing the inspection game

The transmission line inspection waiver unlocks BVLOS operations for all utilities recognized by the US Department of Energy. Hence, the utility industry could be the 1st to benefit from BVLOS on a wide scale.

Are all virtual inspections the same?

Absolutely not! Lets take a step back and look at the definition of virtual inspections for energy infrastructure; a virtual inspection is any visual asset inspection that is preformed remotely – conducted while physically away from the asset in the field using remotely sensed data (e.g., high-resolution imagery).

Watch our webinar – Master your substation asset data: Expert insights and strategies revealed

Watch this webinar to learn how to improve poor quality and incomplete data for your substations and how you can achieve lower costs and a much faster response to faulty assets by relying on accurate, up-to-date data.

Watch our webinar – How AI & Virtual inspections changed operations at Xcel Energy

Inspecting transmission and distribution assets is tremendously time- and labor-intensive for utilities. Watch this webinar to learn the benefits and requirements of using a virtual inspection program and what AI is and isn’t capable of doing.

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