We are impressed with the obtained results. Considering the limited number of images and the limited time spent, the overall accuracy of the detection algorithms was very good. The Grid Vision software is ready to be implemented into Operations.

Jens Hache
Project Manager, Mitnetz Strom

Testing The Efficiency Of Fully Autonomous Inspections

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    The Opportunity

    Mitnetz Strom wanted to test the possibility of a fully autonomous inspection, associating autonomous drones and AI-enabled image recognition.

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    The Solution

    The drone recordings were uploaded into Grid Vision utilizing API. The inspection images were processed through Grid Vision’s Artificial Intelligence, that detected defects on the components. The recommendations were shared with Subject Matter Experts.

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    • Drastic reduction in time spent reviewing inspection data, while achieving better detection accuracy.
    • An opportunity to rapidly improve inspection processes and reduce costs.
    • In the future, Mitnetz wants to establish the automated use of drones in addition to the use of helicopters. The data will be processed with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

About Mitnetz Strom

Mitnetz Strom manages a grid area of 30,804 km² and supplies almost 2.3 million customers with electrical energy. The Distribution System Operator maintains around 3,000 kilometers of a high-voltage network in parts of Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia. Its systems ensure that households, companies, and municipal partners are supplied with the energy they need: reliable, economical and environmentally friendly.

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