Grid Vision® Overhead Line Inspection

AI-Powered Inspections for the World’s Leading Utilities

Today's utility companies are facing unprecedented challenges matched by compelling opportunities to transform. eSmart Systems' software solution Grid Vision® is designed to help utilities thrive in this evolving landscape and optimize infrastructure inspections to reach better decisions quicker and at a lower cost.

Optimize your infrastructure inspections

Grid Vision Inspect leverages Collaborative AI to enable engineers and inspectors to perform high-quality T&D inspections with greater accuracy and lower costs, with help from AI and image analytics. Our collaborative approach allows your scarce resources focus on high-value activities while our AI takes care of many of the cumbersome and manual activities.


Collaborative approach

This Collaborative AI approach combines human intelligence with AI-based analytics. Together they analyze aerial images in a way that optimizes the capabilities of humans, AI, and aerial images data. These synergies result in more efficient grid inspections, reduced failure rates, and extended asset life.

Designed to support the full inspection life cycle

Grid Vision Inspect is designed for grid engineers that perform grid inspections and document the health of grid assets. The product is configurable and can be set up to meet specific Transmission and Distribution inspection needs. The product uses a five-step process from planning to updating utility systems in order to optimize maintenance workflows.

  1. Plan which assets and lines to inspect
  2. Collect the visual data and asset information
  3. Run eSmart AI: Link images to assets and identify defects and components
  4. Evaluate AI-advice, further inspect, quality assure and validate each asset
  5. Export defect reports and asset records
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Trusted by utilities worldwide

Grid Vision Inspect is used both for Transmission and Distribution inspections by 35 utilities in the US & Europe. Our value proposition is designed to tailor the solution for each utility’s priorities to:

  • Accelerate defect detection and inspection workflows
  • Reduce cost and manual effort of inspections
  • Increase safety for inspection operations
  • Catalog asset inventory more accurately
  • Easily perform post-construction validation
  • Identify high risk / low-occurrence defects

Improve your planning with better asset insight

Grid Vision Insight helps managers improve their planning and decision-making by providing real-time birds-eye and analytical drill-downs into the assets inspected. 

Grid Vision Insight tracks the performance of ongoing inspection work, provides instant insight of the location and severity of verified high priority defects, and provides utility managers and analysts a deep and flexible framework for further asset intelligence. 


Reduced costs and improved operational excellence

Insight provides utility managers real-time monitoring and analyzing capabilities and includes:

  1. Real-time alerts on high priority defects
  2. Map-based drill down into all inspected assets and components
  3. Flexible and deep reporting and KPIs
  4. eSmart Systems API
  5. eSmart Systems Power Business Intelligence connector
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Grid Vision Key Differentiators:

Accelerate Identification and Repair of Defects

Leverage AI to accelerate image analysis by as much as 1000x and improve maintenance workflows


Build an Accurate Asset Inventory

Build an accurate asset model of every component on every structure with updated geo-location


More Complete Defect Detection

Improve inspection processes by detecting 4x more defects on Transmission and Distribution infrastructure than existing ground-based inspections

Reduce Operating Expenses

Robust user interface reduces inspection times for engineers and inspectors by as much as 80%

 Enhance Reliability

A more thorough and effective inspection identifies defects field engineers may miss and reduces risks of outages

Improve Safety

Implement inspection processes that reduce employee and contractor risks in potentially hazardous situations

Optimize CAPEX

Build an inventory of digital assets while implementing a more effective and efficient inspection process

Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Provide extensive documentation of the grid, that helps with risk reduction, and protects utilities from numerous liability actions.

 Extend Asset Life

Analyze defect data over time to support predictive maintenance and optimize asset management

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