This is another step towards a new paradigm in the operation and maintenance of our power distribution networks. We are betting on a strategy based on the digitalization of our assets and procedures, a journey where we keep innovating through several initiatives like the GALA project, in which we optimized the maintenance of our networks in terms of vegetation, and built a digital twin for our overhead lines.

Raúl Suárez
General Manager of UFD

Automating Overhead Line Inspections

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    The Opportunity

    UFD’s DALI (Drone & AI Line Inspection) project is part of their digitalization program. UFD want to automate overhead line inspections for our high and medium voltage lines.

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    The Solution

    Grid Vision will be provided as an inspection as a service to automate 32,000 km of overhead power line inspections utilizing drone flight and collaborative AI. The program will inspect 2.5 million images of the DSO’s grid infrastructure.

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    Automated line inspections will provide the DSO with actionable insights and transition them to predictive maintenance by having their inspection data linked to the asset and allow for safer, more accurate inspections and reduced inspection costs.

About UFD

UFD, the electricity distribution subsidiary of Naturgy, is the third-largest electricity distribution operator in Spain with 3.8 million supply points and 114,000 km of powerlines. We are incorporating new technologies into our electrical grids with the aim of turning them into increasingly smart grids.

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