eSmart System Platform

The eSmart System Platform is based on more than 20 years experience with timeseries based data combined with the most modern technologies available. Using all our experience and know-how, and without any legacy architecture to consider, we have created a platform fully ready to take on the future and deliver you the insights you need.

Advanced Analytics – discover new data relations

Featuring the Microsoft Hadoop distribution HDInsight to analyze all types of data and uncover hidden relations. The platform utilizes Azure Machine Learning for improved fault detection, more accurate predictions and better optimizations.

Integrate directly with PowerBI and do your Business Intelligence and ad-hoc reporting easily in a tool you already know - Microsoft Excel.

Designed for Big Data - from the ground up

eSmart utilizes several NoSQL technologies to assemble a complete data platform prepared for any type of data, and it’s engineered to handle everything you need from sensor data to social media.

People used to keep their money under their mattresses...

The eSmart System platform is cloud based and truly elastic enabling you to scale out as needed. Reliability is superior with redundancy locally and regionally. We've opted for the leader in the field - Microsoft Azure.

Connect to anything - anywhere

Integrate eSmart with your existing Line of Business systems and collect data from sensors, markets, building automation systems, SCADA and a wealth of relevant sources.

Real Security

Utilize all security measures available in Microsoft Azure - the only enterprise cloud that meets EU privacy law standards and be approved by the EU’s data protection authorities. 

The eSmart System platform features a role-based security model that lets you configure your access levels in line with your organization.

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eSmart Systems is based on more than two decades of successful and extensive international experience at establishing, growing and operating knowledge-based and world-leading IT- and energy-related companies targeting global markets. 

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