Project Summary

Together with multiple Norwegian Distribution System Operators, DSOs, eSmart Systems has started the research project Grid Vision 5D. The project will explore the future of virtual overhead power line inspection methods with the aim to allow grid operators to transition from reactive to proactive maintenance and asset management. This 2-year project will include research and proof of concepts in areas such as remote sensing, LiDAR and satellite data, data and risk modeling and 3D visualization.  

Working with utilities

We are co-developing solutions with nine Norwegian utilities and a dedicated Innovation Team from eSmart Systems. The aim of the initial phase of the project is to onboard all participants and create a joint understanding of the project scope and roadmap.  We have started a series of workshops to understand every utility’s need and challenges with today’s inspection methods to ensure the project focuses on areas with high business value and return.  

How to detect hotspots on the network?

During a workshop in December 2021, it was concluded that infrared data could be a possible solution to detect hotspots and is at the top of the utilities wish list. As part of the project, the utilities will purchase a drone that can capture infrared and visual images. We will test the data captured by the drone to create a proof of concept for hotspot detection. We are still discussing what other sensors could help detect hotspots and are exploring the possibility of utilizing ultraviolet sensors to detect partial discharge.   

Utilizing LiDAR data to monitor health and risk to assets

This year we hosted a workshop on LiDAR data capture and analysis.  We explored use cases ranging from identifying dead trees to detecting trees growing too close to the conductors. We prioritized key use cases and will explore several techniques to monitor health and risk utilizing LiDAR data. This was an inspirational workshop that gave us insight into how utilities are utilizing LiDAR  for inspections and the lessons they have learned so far from their efforts.  

We are grateful for our partners in this project and the skills and knowledge they bring to the table.  Through this collaboration, we are building on the accumulated experiences, and it’s been great to see everyone contribute with their knowledge and openly share across the organizations to jointly improve overhead line inspections!  

If you are keen to learn more or want to join the project, please do not hesitate to reach out to the project team or read more on our website. Grid Vision 5D and is open to TSOs and DSOs based in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.  Blog posts like this will also be shared regularly and findings will be published along the way, so stay tuned!

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