BKW Energie is among the speakers at the virtual conference “AI & ML for the Smart Grid 2020”, taking place on September 9th. The power production and distribution utility is one of eSmart Systems’ customers, and has its headquarters in Berne, Switzerland.

One of the speakers, Yamshid Farhat Quiñones, Data Scientist of Grid Analytics at BKW, has had a positive experience with using eSmart System’s cloud-based platform:

“In the talk, I will focus on in-house vs external artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. With eSmart Systems Collaborative AI approach, we can shape and strengthen the AI with our expert’s classifications. We can also profit from the development done together by eSmart Systems with other utilities to streamline the development of the AI,” says Yamshid Farhat Quiñones.

“A key feature in our software solution Grid Vision™ is the collaborative approach between human and machine. Our experience shows that efficient use of the Subject Matter Experts helps the AI improve faster while managing operational risk. We are pleased that BKW wants to promote what we do together on Collaborative AI,” says Khaoula Benserhir, Customer Success Manager at eSmart Systems.

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