Our Sustainability Journey

As well as innovating and developing digital solutions and services that support utilities in building and maintaining a sustainable grid for future generations, we have also started our sustainability journey as an SME organization.

We have been accepted as a member of the UN Global Compact and this kicks off our public commitment to incorporate the global compact principles into our strategies, policies, and procedures to reinforce our culture of integrity.

“We commit to work systematically to identify and reduce our negative impacts as well as maximize our positive contributions to the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).”

– Henrik Bache, CEO


Communicating Our Impact

We have also endorsed the principles in the guide against greenwashing and we are committed to communicating in an open, transparent and honest manner about our impacts and contributions to the 5 pillars of sustainability:

  • People
  • Planet
  • Prosperity
  • Peace
  • Partnerships

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