Bridging the gap in asset data

Grid Vision® substation inspections are customized services to improve the quality and digitalize the information on your physical assets within your substations down to a single component by capturing onsite pictures and data. We process your dataset utilizing advance tooling based on AI, and harmonize the dataset to your data standards in models and business rules.

Our Services

We help you bridge the gap in your asset register and assist you in establishing trustworthy data. We provide a range of services for generation, transmission, and distribution utilities.

Our services include:.

  • Asset Data Modelling - Our experts can help you to establish or revise your data models
  • Asset Inventory - We assist you to establish and maintain a trustworthy Asset Inventory in your core IT systems by utilizing visual documentation
  • Digitizing Technical Asset Documentation - We work with you on the complex process of digitizing technical asset documentation, including
    • extracting, collecting and enriching targeted metadata
    • identify and eliminate duplicates
    • linking documents to their asset structure and document requirements (if established)
    • prepare for importing the final result to their selected Document Management System (DMS)
  • Conditional Assessment – We assist you with capturing the condition of your substation assets, by providing both services and IT tooling utilizing visual documentation ensuring the objectivity of the conditional assessment being recorded
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Industries we serve:

We provide services for infrastructure assets for power generation, transmission, and distribution utilities.


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Unlocking Value

The advantage of uplifting the quality of your data and improving the imagery of your assets is you have confidence in the quality of your data. We provide consistent and accurate information to improve asset management decisions and unlock value by helping utilities gain the following benefits:

  • REDUCING FIELD VISITS - Access to more visual-based data at your desk
  • REDUCING UNPLANNED OUTAGES - Implementation of a condition-based maintenance strategy based on improved digital information on your assets
  • COMPLETE AUDIT TRAIL - Visual documentation is linked to data
  • ACCURATE ASSET INVENTORY - Data quality is consistent, accurate & validated by engineers
  • CONFIDENCE IN YOUR DATA - Correct information for regulator and auditor
  • IMPROVED SAFETY TRAINING - Visual document for emergency training and simulation training
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Why us? 

  • PROVEN FIELD SERVICE - We are working with more than 10 major utilities and have inspected more than 45 000 substations
  • TRIED & TESTED PROCESS - We have established methodology to capture and integrate your data
  • EXTENSIVE DOMAIN EXPERTISE - With over 20 years of asset inspection experience, we have multidisciplinary teams that understand utility assets and data needs
  • ESTABLISHED AI TOOLSET - We have established AI powered software tools which helps utilities to get in control of their data and remain in control. we have taken 9+ Million photos and processed 10+ Million documents

Customer case studies

Selection of our case studies



Combined asset inventory and conditional assessments for secondary substations

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Asset Inventory project for primary substations

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Asset Inventory project for secondary substations

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Combined Technical Documentation and Asset Inventory

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