Norgesnett goes live with Connected Grid

Norgesnett and eSmart Systems have signed an agreement for the delivery of Connected Grid.

After a two and half year industrial research and development program to develop eSmart Systems' Connected Grid, Norgesnett is now live. The IRD project has been a collaboration between Norgesnett, Sogn og Fjordane Energi, Glitre Energi Nett, Ringeriks-Kraftnett and eSmart Systems. Program funding was contributed by Innovation Norway.

Connected Grid is Norgesnett’s core system for AMI reading and management.

”What’s most exciting with this platform is its capacity to perform advanced analytics on large volumes of data in real time through its use of machine learning and cloud-based computing power,” says Norgesnett CEO, Eilert Henriksen.

Connected Grid is an intelligent top system that provides utility companies decision support for optimal operation, maintenance and planning of grids. The system collects data from internal and external sources, perform real-time analysis, and visualize data in dashboards designed for smarter, faster and better decisions.

- We are very pleased that one of the most forward-leaning and innovative grid operators in Norway decide to go in operative use with Connected Grid. This will bring results in terms of reduced costs, increased efficiency and most importantly, a better service, says Knut H. H. Johansen, CEO of eSmart Systems.

”We are only in the starting blocks of tremendous changes ahead. Over the next few years we’ll see major changes in how power grids are managed and operated. Connected Grid is Norgesnett’s most important digital investment in its bid to realize a truly smart grid,” says Eilert Henriksen.