Continuous innovation and young talents are the key to retain a competitive advantage

On February 13, Tina Skagen, COO of eSmart Systems had the honor of giving a presentation at the Norwegian government's summit on higher education and job relevance.

The background for the summit is a parliamentary report initiated by the government on job relevance in higher education. In the meeting, both SME’s and large corporations were represented, as well as universities and colleges and policy makers.

“This was a great arena to talk about the importance of a strong relationship between the business community and universities, and how it impacts Norwegian companies’ competitiveness internationally”, said Skagen.

Her presentation focused on the importance of talented graduates and a continuous innovation ability for Norwegian companies to create and retain a competitive advantage in an international arena.

“eSmart Systems is an AI company. We need graduates with expertise in AI, but also candidates with combined knowledge of energy-specific domains and machine learning. Increased flexibility in the education that allows more interdisciplinarity on masters, for example, we believe is something that will contribute to the master students' relevance in working life,” said Skagen.

During the summit, Skagen seized the opportunity to invite Minister of Digitization Nikolai Astrup to Halden.

“We would like to showcase the unique environment in Halden with eSmart Systems and the business cluster NCE Smart Energy Markets. We believe that this will be of great interest to Norway's Minister of Digitization in the important work he will do for Norway in this field”, said Skagen.