Xcel Energy

"Our company is an industry leader in using UAS technologies for transmission and distribution line inspections. We look forward to working with eSmart Systems and EDM to improve the safety and reliability of the energy grid."

– Kent Larson, Executive Vice President and Group President of Operations for Xcel Energy.

In a nutshell

eSmart Systems is partnering with EDM to help Xcel Energy transform grid inspection and asset management.

The Challenge

Currently, the imagery data of transmission assets collected by Xcel Energy’s UAS and manned helicopters are manually processed. This results in a slow and costly inspection process. Moreover, the asset inventory is not up to date. 

The use of AI can enable improved data collection and transfer processes, while also improving data quality and volume. This allows Xcel Energy to reduce inspection costs at no incremental total cost. Also, to get incremental data on the assets that can feed the TAHA (Transmission Asset Health Analytics) project. By using AI to achieve intelligent asset management, Xcel Energy can start building a future, today.



Our solution

Together with Xcel Energy, Phoenix, and EDM, eSmart has established a process in which Grid Vision® helps Xcel Energy improve the efficiency of their inspection and inventorying process by utilizing the competence of EDM´s Subject Matter Experts together with our Collaborative AI.

The Collaborative AI approach will allow Xcel Energy to adopt our solution into their existing business processes, to analyze imagery data of transmission assets collected by Xcel Energy’s UAS and manned helicopters and validated by EDM’s subject matter experts, to prioritize transmission line operations, identify defects, and update asset information in Xcel Energy’s asset management systems. 


Through the partnership, Xcel Energy will significantly improve the speed, safety, accuracy, and cost of power grid inspections and deliver value by updating information on critical infrastructure assets. The utilization of eSmart’sCollaborative AI enables Xcel Energy to transform today’s inspection practices by delivering enhanced mission-critical information with reduced risk.​ 

On a longer-term, the collaborative AI approach will help:

  • Building the transmission asset library. ​
  • Supporting UAS in increasing safety.​
  • Lowering costs with AI tools for prioritized maintenance & then predictive maintenance.​
  • Enhance transmission reliability while integrating clean energy.



About the customer

Xcel Energy powers millions of homes and businesses across eight Western and Midwestern states. Headquartered in Minneapolis, the company is an industry leader in responsibly reducing carbon emissions and producing and delivering clean energy solutions from a variety of renewable sources at competitive prices. 

EDM is a leader in utility engineering, operations, and asset management by merging excellence in technical disciplines with a genuine concern for client needs.

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