"We are impressed with the obtained results. Considering the limited number of images and the limited time spent, the overall accuracy of the detection algorithms was very good. The Grid Vision® software is ready to be implemented into Operations.”

– Jens Hache, Project Manager, Mitnetz Strom

In a nutshell

eSmart Systems and Mitnetz tested the efficiency of fully autonomous inspections, associating autonomous drones and AI-enabled image recognition.

The challenge

Twice a year, Mitnetz Strom inspects its high-voltage overhead lines. They use helicopters to detect defects on lines and poles. As soon as defects and faults are spotted, repairs or measures follow. In this way, Mitnetz  Strom ensures a stable and reliable power supply. 

Seizing the opportunity of an innovation program, Mitnetz Strom wanted to test the possibility of a fully autonomous inspection, associating autonomous drones, and AI-enabled image recognition. After the flight, the drone's recordings were uploaded into Grid Vision™ and analyzed with the software’s high-voltage Artificial Intelligence pipeline of algorithms.

Our solution

Grid Vision turns inspection data into asset insight by applying our eSmart Systems AI services to images collected from the air and the ground. The data was uploaded utilizing our API, then analyzed using our high-voltage Artificial Intelligence pipeline. 



The results were visualized on our user-friendly interface. The AI algorithms were trained to recognize the specific components and defects to match Mitnetz specific needs and improve the business value accordingly. The training on Mitnetz specific data increased the detection accuracy and culminated in satisfying results.


The use of Grid Vision resulted in a drastic reduction in time spent reviewing inspection data, and in a better detection accuracy. For Mitnetz, this represents a huge opportunity to rapidly improve inspection processes and reduce costs. 

In the future, Mitnetz wants to establish the automated use of drones in addition to the use of helicopters. This way, the inspections of power lines can be automated, objective, and efficient. The data will be processed with the help of AI. In the event of possible incidents potential damage points could be identified more quickly. This will help Mitnetz prioritize its efforts and enhance reliability by addressing the issue before it causes problems.

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About the customer

Mitnetz Strom manages a grid area of 30,804 km² and supplies almost 2.3 million customers with electrical energy. The Distribution System Operator maintains around 3,000 kilometers of a high-voltage network in parts of Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia.
Its systems ensure that households, companies, and municipal partners are supplied with the energy they need: reliable, economical and environmentally friendly.

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