"We are very pleased with the work Verico has done"

“The authorities have stated that they have not seen any network company with better control over data collection than Lyse. This is thanks to Verico"

– Frank Boholm, Operations Manager, Lyse Elnett

Combined Program for Inspection and Registration of Plant Data


To implement an annual combined program for inspection of substations and registration of facility data. The program is designed to meet regulatory requirements, and to establish a reliable and detailed plant register in Lyse's maintenance system (SAP-PM).


3800 secondary substations.

​Project deliverables

We provide yearly conditional assessment results, verified and updated asset inventory and link updated photo documentation for all secondary substations. Our services are delivered in line with Lyse’s data model standards, inspection and document requirements.

We also provide a hosted version of our inspection portal, this is an analysis solution combining asset data, historical conditional data and photo documentation


This is an annual program performed over the last 9 years. Awarded through three consecutive contract periods.

  • 3800 Secondary substations
  • > 34, 000 Substation inspections
  • >2.3 MM Conditional assessments checks
  • > 30 K Unique findings reported
  • >360 000 Photos taken

About the customer 

Lyse Elnett is the local network company for 12 municipalities in the south of Rogaland, Norway.
The grid company is responsible for developing, operating and maintaining the power grid in this region.

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