Microsoft Industry Experience Center Showcases Connected Drone

eSmart Systems is one of 60 Microsoft customers and partners to be chosen to showcase a permanent exhibit at Microsoft’s new Industry Experience Center (IEC), which opened last month in Redmond, Washington.

The 23,000-square-foot center showcases 60 fascinating, real-world examples of customers and partners that are innovating their businesses and disrupting markets with Microsoft technologies. Each interactive exhibit allows visitors to get a firsthand encounter with the technologies and explore how they are being used across industries to drive innovation. Deb Cupp, CVP of Worldwide Enterprise and Commercial Industries at Microsoft has stated the following about the exhibits at IEC.

"These are immersive experiences that demonstrate how companies are digitally transforming, and how our customers and partners are using these solutions to drive disruption in their industries.”

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The Connected Drone experience

eSmart´s CVP International Markets, Knut Gustavsen, and Product Manager, Thomas Nergaard, were instrumental in securing and setting up the demo exhibition at IEC in Redmond. The Connected Drone exhibit is finally up and running after weeks of preparation. At this moment a drone can be found buzzing above in the center, illustrating how Machine Learning is allowing public utilities to detect problems with power poles without sending a technician out. Thus, helping them reduce maintenance costs and failure rates, in addition to ensuring the safety of their workers.

"We have installed a utility pole and mounted a drone inside the building so that we can show visitors at the IEC how our Connected Drone software can analyze and present images in real-time. As the only Power & Utility vendor to be invited to have a demo, we are honored and thankful for this opportunity", says Thomas Nergaard of eSmart Systems.

A similar exhibit of Connected Drone is also included at the Microsoft Technology Center in Bjørvika, Oslo.