Intelligent support for field inspectors

A new application from eSmart Systems is streamlining the field inspectors’ everyday life using artificial intelligence. 

eSmart Systems recently released the new application “Field Inspector” available in App Store, and ready to use for power grid companies worldwide.

“Anyone can take pictures of the components in the grid, but the unique feature in this application is the fact that the picture is sent directly into the cloud where the images are recognized, analyzed, organized and stored”, explains Tore Lie, Chief Product Officer at eSmart Systems.

The application has two main areas of use; planned documentation and imagery of unforeseen errors in the power grid. “Field Inspector” can be used by anyone with a mobile phone and it's a perfect tool for documenting the power grid from the ground.

“It’s easy to use and the intention is to make the job less stressful – just log in, take your photos, describe the picture with one sentence, and hit send”, adds Lie.

In combination with imagery shot from the air, the documentation from “Field Inspector” will provide power grid companies with a digital overview of their components.

Great expectations

Several power grid companies in Norway and the U.S., have already expressed their interest in the new application. It is especially relevant when mapping the power grid, masts and components in one area, but also after storms that leads to damages on power lines.

“For example, with a complete overview of each component on the masts in a particular area, it will be easier to send out a crew to rebuild when you can see exactly what it looked like before,” Lie points out.

The app is a part eSmart Systems’ Connected Drone product that utilizes deep learning to dramatically reduce utility maintenance costs, failure rates and extend asset life. eSmart Systems uses artificial intelligence and image recognition to automatically detect and analyze faults on power lines which helps utilities reduce power line inspection time and decrease power outage durations.