From Astrum to Opal - Revolutionizing the Power Grid

leading Norwegian utilities entered a three-year R&D partnership with eSmart Systems to improve current power grid operations and maintenance.  

eSmart Systems has since 2013 been developing Connected Grid with central Norwegian DSO’s through the R&D projects Braadland and Astrum. The success from the former projects has led to innovative solutions, new partners and the current R&D initiative Opal.  

"We are pleased that some of Norway’s most progressive utilities have chosen eSmart Systems as a long-term partner through their commitment to the Opal-project. I am confident that our initiatives will have a major impact on the power grid industry," says Knut H. H. Johansen, CEO of eSmart Systems.  

Access to data 

The project´s objective is to create an open AI-platform system that will, through a unique and secure method of processing data and training of AI-algorithms, increase each customer's data’s value, in addition to accelerate the usage of applied AI for the utilities, regardless of their size. 

"Together with the partners, we have identified a need for new systems that build upon the results of our previous R&D projects. One of the most important premises for utilizing the power of artificial intelligence is access to data. Asset Intelligence will be essential to the product moving forward," explains Erik Åsberg, CTO at eSmart Systems. 

Intelligent Asset Management will use data from all customers to calculate probabilities of errors down to the component level based on load, environment, and location. With applied AI the operation of power grids can be revolutionized. The project's main goal is to make the AI technology more easily accessible and applicable to the utility companies.  

"eSmart Systems has a unique expertise when it comes to AI and intelligent solutions. We are looking forward to continuing the collaboration with eSmart Systems and all the project partners. This investment will lead to increased opportunities and add great value to the data we collect in the future," says Tore Morten Wetterhus, CEO in Glitre Energi Nett.    

In addition to Glitre Energi and eSmart Systems, the Opal project includes Troms Kraft Nett, SFE Nett, Norgesnett, Hallingdal Kraftnett, Lyse Elnett, and Ringerikskraft Nett. 



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