eSmart Systems signs agreement with Norway’s largest wholesaler and solar power plant

ASKO Vestby has chosen eSmart Systems and Connected Building as their solution to gain improved overview of energy production and consumption factors.

ASKO will use these insights to reduce energy costs through power management by better controlling, among other things, effects on joint tariff contracts, ensuring the most use of solar power production in their own plants, and exploiting market price differences.  This will be achieved by collecting real-time values in​​to eSmart Systems' platform, presenting overviews in dashboards and eventually using big data analytics and optimization for advanced decision support.

Ambitious climate targets

By 2020, ASKO aims to reduce energy consumption of their properties by 20% and to source 100% of its energy requirements from renewables. At the same time, all transport vehicles will run on renewable fuels.

ASKO's Vestby plant is a giant grocery logistics facility.  Underway is a large-scale placement of roof solar cells, which will be completed in the spring of 2017 making ASKO Vestby Norway's largest solar power plant.

The agreement between the companies is twofold consisting of a pilot project and a proof-of-concept.

- ASKO is a very assertive and innovative company that takes the green shift seriously. It’s through such demanding customers that eSmart Systems verifies and further develops our solutions.  We are therefore very pleased to have secured this agreement, says Jan Tore Gjøby, Project Manager for eSmart Systems.

The project commences in January 2017.