Zeina Othman from Mälardalens University in Sweden is working in partnership with eSmart Systems on her thesis “Re-designing Organizational Routines in the Echo of AI Algorithms”. The overall objective of this thesis is to develop an understanding of how organizations need to re-design and influence processes when introducing and deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI).   

eSmart Systems has been working with AI within our Grid Vision® solution for over 10 years, as a co-pilot for conducting virtual inspection of transmission and distribution grids through a process we call Collaborative-AI. We are working with over 50 utilities globally in supporting their journey to virtual inspections using Grid Vision.

Technology has a huge impact on large organizations in terms of processes, adoption, and change management, and we are thrilled to partner with Zeina to explore this journey with one of our key European customers.  

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About Zeina Othman

Zeina Othman studies and teaches international project management at Mälardalens University in Sweden.  Prior to her Ph.D. studies, Zeina worked in project management with the UN and non-governmental organizations in Jordan including USAID and Jordan River Foundation. She also worked in Abu Dhabi/UAE for Accenture and Lockheed Martin Global Inc. 

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