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INVADE will deliver a cloud-based flexibility management system integrated with EVs and battery storages at mobile, distributed and centralized levels. The goal is to change the way energy is used, stored and generated by utilizing renewable energy more effectively, optimizing the supply of electricity and making services more end-user centric. The project addresses the topic LCE-02: Demonstration of smart grid, storage and system integration technologies with increasing share of renewables: distribution system of the call Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy of the HORIZON 2020 program 2016-2017.

The project uses advanced cloud based technology to deliver the new INVADE platform by integrating EVs and batteries to empower mobile, distributed and centralized energy storage in the distribution grid. The project integrates various components such as flexibility management systems, energy storage technologies, electric vehicles and novel business models.

INVADE is a result of political, environmental and market pressures, and seeks to test, validate and propose new and innovative energy solutions within the European market. INVADE will boost competition in the energy market and will promote a shift in business models and strategy for existing companies, as well as trigger start-ups of new, innovative players in the energy sector.


Integrated INVADE platform

The INVADE platform is being developed by eSmart Systems and integrated with existing infrastructure and systems at pilot sites in Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Norway and the Netherlands. The pilots will be validated through mobile, distributed and centralized use cases in the distribution grid by large-scale demonstrations. An integration of the transport sector is represented in Norway and in the Netherlands; the two countries with the highest EV penetration worldwide.

The development of the platform will be based on Big Data Analytics-technology, and the consortium will test and update the platform using real data from the pilots in order to prepare a nearly-ready-for-market product.


INVADE Objectives

The INVADE project aims to deliver a Cloud-based flexibility management system integrated with EVs and batteries empowering energy storage at mobile, distributed and centralized levels to increase the share of renewables in the smart grid. Read more about the INVADE objectives below.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program, under Grant Agreement No. 731148.

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Design a flexibility management system using batteries that support the distribution grid and electricity market while coping with grid limitations, uncertainty and variability with high penetration of renewable energy, electric vehicles and an increased number of diverse smart grid actors.

Develop a model for batteries, including EVs, focusing on prediction of battery lifetime and impact factors contributing to life extension, and prepare a model for optimizing, positioning and scheduling of batteries in the distribution grid.

Deliver the Integrated INVADE Platform based on flexibility management systems in the cloud enabling flexible management algorithms, functions and monitoring and control dashboards using IoT in the energy market, Big Data analytics and visualization techniques to provide real-time information and control tools to stakeholders applying data protection and cyber security principles by design.


Integrate the INVADE platform with existing infrastructure and systems in selected pilot sites in Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Norway and the Netherlands and validate the platform through mobile, distributed, centralized and hybrid use cases in large scale demonstrations in accordance with national and European regulations and standards.

Design innovative and competitive business models and verify them through planned activities such as analysis of user practices and behavior, deferral of grid investments, focus groups and dedicated workshops to enable monetary and social benefits for a full chain of stakeholders.

Engage with full chain stakeholders to support large scale deployment of INVADE within EEA and beyond, and to build awareness of the project and its contribution to both climate change and energy efficiency targets. 


The INVADE Consortium

The INVADE project is run by a broad consortium of partners from industry and academia in seven countries. The consortium is constituted by very diverse entities:

  • Smart Innovation Norway, coordinator (NO)
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – CITCEA (ES)
  • Teknologian Ttukomuskeskus VTT OY – VTT (FI)
  • NewEn Projects GmbH (DE) Albena JsCo (BU)
  • Schneider Electric Norge AS (NO)
  • Lyse AS (NO)
  • Estabanell y Pahisa Energia SA (ES)
  • ElaadNL (NL)
  • GreenFlux Assets B.V (NL)
  • eSmart Systems AS (NO)

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