Astrum 2017-2019

ASTRUM is a three-year research and development project with a budget frame of approximately NOK 30 million. The project is partner financed. Partners in the project are Norgesnett AS, Glitre AS, Ringerikeskraft AS and Sogn and Fjordane Nett AS. This consortium is the core in the project and combines the three most important ingredients of an R&D project: industry competence with technical know-how, deep knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from eSmart Systems.

The project is divided into four phases with an increasing level of innovation. Operation of IoT infrastructure as the first phase developing into more intelligent grid operations based on intelligent asset management and decision support for building and maintaining grids as the later phases.

Project goals

ASTRUM’s main goal is to develop a system to provide decision support in processes for operating AMI infrastructures, planning, building and maintaining electricity grids. To be able to realise such goals availability of data is crucial. Thus, a sub goal of the project is to develop a data lake for fast and reliable availability of data. eSmart Systems Connected Grid is this data lake. Simply explained, a data lake refers to what used to be called a data warehouse but built on the latest technology for storing and receiving data – both real time and historic. 
Grid companies invest vast capital in building and maintaining grids. Decisions on what to maintain and where to rebuild are not based on the real situation in the grid but rather best guesses and assumptions. ASTRUM seeks to use data from various sources including, but not limited to, AMI, sensors in substations and switches, weather data and historic data from reports to make a more correct analysis of the actual health situation of the grid and its components. A better aimed, condition-based maintenance combined with optimal use of existing resources can save grid companies significant amounts of money and minimize the amount of error situations in a grid. Such results will benefit society as a whole.

ICT platform

To be able to make real time analytics on, i.e. sensor’s, eSmart Systems’ Connected Grid plays the leading role. Connected Grid holds the data lake functionality that enables fast and reliable data gathering and relationship identification between components in the grid. This is possible because the system is built on the latest technology available based on graph databases, virtual actors and microservices that exist solely in the cloud where there is near to infinite resources for CPU and storage.

In addition to the data lake functionality, Connected Grid will be the intelligent analysis and visualization engine on top of the lake. At this level, compilation of data sources and results work together with Machine Learning algorithms and predictions to secure optimal decision support in different operational situations.


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