Featured Projects

Deploying innovative products with global market impact is essential for eSmart Systems. Our focus on research and development, including active participation in several major EU projects, has earned us a position at the forefront of the digital transformation.


INVADE will deliver a cloud-based flexibility management system integrated with EVs and battery storages at mobile, distributed and centralized levels. The goal is to change the way energy is used, stored and generated by utilizing renewable energy more effectively, optimizing the supply of electricity and making services more end-user-centric.
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EMPOWER - Encouraging micro-generation and the active participation of prosumers to exploit the flexibility created for the benefit of all connected to the local grid.
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ChargeFlex – Turning Electric Vehicles from sinners into saints. The escalating popularity of EVs and the increasing demand for charging puts pressure on the power grids. To meet the demand, grid operators will need to upgrade local distribution grids – or benefit from solutions such as the ones ChargeFlex sets out to develop.
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ASTRUM - Developing a system able to provide groundbreaking decision support for utilities into processes for operating AMI infrastructures, planning, building and maintaining electricity grids
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Connected Drone Project

How can drones and intelligent software revolutionize the way utilities conduct the inspection of the power grid?
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