"We have met a partner who understands us and the energy industry, but who also impresses us with their solutions"

Ole Sunnset, CEO Ringeriks-Kraft

A Pioneer in the Energy Industry:

Ringeriks-Kraft Nett

It is difficult to predict how the future energy industry will be, but there is little to no doubt that we are facing enormous changes. By 2019, all Norwegian households and enterprises are obliged to have smart meters (AMI). Smart meters have two-way communication between the meter and the grid operator and provide a more accurate and automatic overview of power consumption. With this improved insight, the objective is to reduce and smooth out consumption curves, and to get accurate data as to what time of day most power is consumed. 

As one of the industry players actively pursuing the opportunities in the future energy sector in Norway, Ringeriks-Kraft Nett stands out as one to be reckoned with. With 3 400 KM of high and low voltage lines in the municipalities of Ringerike and Hole, Ringeriks-Kraft Nett delivers electricity to approximately 21 500 customers. Having recently invested 250 million NOK in their grid, they plan to invest an additional 150 million NOK over the next couple of years.

Ringeriks-Kraft is considered as pioneer in an industry undergoing major and radical changes, as one of the first utilities in Norway to begin rolling-out smart meters already in 2011. Ringeriks-Kraft has been actively developing of new products and services for their customers.

Connected Grid is the Solution

Like many other utility companies, Ringeriks-Kraft Nett has struggled with juggling multiple business systems in their daily operating routine. Each system holds important data, but without the possibility to extract information across the different systems, it’s difficult to obtain accurate and adequate data on a large scale without using a lot of manpower.

“Several of the systems we used previously had a high user threshold, which made the job difficult. We wanted a single system that could be integrated across all "silos", that has an intuitive and easy-to-operate user interface, and which presented data in a map”, says Morten Sjaamo Project Manager AMI at Ringeriks-Kraft NETT.

Checking all the boxes, Ringeriks-Kraft Nett signed a contract for Connected Grid in the fall of 2014. Connected Grid visualizes the state and usage information of each of the 21 500 smart meters, supplying data every hour, in the grid map. The system includes the collection and analysis of power consumption, as well as tools for controlling subscriber power consumption. Everything is built on the cloud-based Microsoft Azure platform. Today, with Connected Grid Ringeriks-Kraft Nett can collect and analyze the same amount of data in one day that previously took two years.

“Using Connected Grid, we collect a lot of information in a single system that significantly streamlines our work day. It also enables new ways of using AMI data, which previously would have been unimaginable”, Morten Sjaamo explains.


"The use of Connected Grid reveals that we have been basing our investments on the wrong estimates for years. Connected Grid enables us to make more accurate calculations. In addition, because we now automatically get the data we previously had to collect manually, it saves us a lot of time and effort"

Morten Sjaamo, Project Manager AMI,
Ringeriks-Kraft Nett

Documented Results Today

Analyzing and effectively using all the data generated by smart meters, requires adopting and implementing both new systems and new technologies. Smart meters generate enormous amounts of data quickly making existing IT systems, which are unable to manage large data volumes, obsolete.

For Ringeriks-Kraft Nett, investing in the Connected Grid system has already proven to be profitable. The company’s substation level calculations show that they can postpone transformer extension investments.  
“This leads to lower costs for us and can reduce our expenses by between two and four million NOK each year", concludes Morten Sjaamo

“eSmart Systems is an exciting player in the energy business. They think "out of the box" utilizing and introducing state-of-the-art technology that is groundbreaking for our industry. They stand out as innovative, providing us with new opportunities on an entirely novel and future oriented platform”,

Morten Sjaamo

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