"One of the most exciting things with Connected Grid is its capacity to preform advanced real-time analyses on the enormous amount data volumes using Machine Learning and cloud-based computer power"

Eilert Henriksen, CEO Norgesnett

One step ahead:


Fredrikstad energi and its subsidiaries are recognized as being among most efficient energy companies in Norway. They have a proactive attitude towards innovative technology and customer behavior, which enables them to pursue business opportunities emerging from changes in markets and technology. Cooperation with eSmart Systems enables them to take this position, and to be one step ahead! 

Norgesnett is a grid operator, wholly owned by Fredrikstad energi, supplying energy to over 90 000 customers in Hvaler, Fredrikstad, Askøy and Follo / Røyken. They have chosen eSmart Systems Connected Grid system to position them to fully exploit the potential created by deployment of AMI (smart meters).

AMI meters provide exact hourly readings that enable the introduction of dynamic power tariffs based on actual power output. This results in the accurate calculation of consumption and accurate invoices to customers. 

The opportunities lie in finding other and new ways to exploit AMI technology to further improve and equip utilities to plan investments and upgrades, and to develop new services related to smart grid technology. 

“We are just embarking into an area that will develop tremendously over the next few years and that will make major changes to the management and operation of the future power grid. Connected Grid is Norgesnett’s most important digital investment towards realizing a smart grid today” 

Eilert Henriksen, CEO Norgesnett 

Core System in Norgesnett  

Connected Grid is an intelligent top system empowering utilities to make decisions for optimal operation, maintenance and planning of grid infrastructure. The system collects data from internal and external sources, performs real-time analyses, and visualizes data in dashboards designed for smarter, faster and better decisions. 

This is why Norgesnett has chosen Connected Grid as its core system for meter reading and AMI management. The system assures that the utility is optimal rigged to improve grid operations and consumer flexibility.

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From IFU project to commercial product 

Connected Grid started as an industrial research and development project funded partly by Innovation Norway. Partners in this project were, Norgesnett, SFE, Glitre Energi Nett and Ringeriks-Kraft Nett in addition to eSmart Systems. 



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