The eSmart Systems platform

eSmart System has developed one platform to support all three business areas. The platform can be seen as the foundation of all eSmart Systems’ products.

A traditional system platform has its limitations when it comes to performance and scalability. After working over 20 years with time series data, this became very clear to the people behind eSmart Systems. You will never experience the scalability and flexibility you need with systems built on legacy architecture. You will always be limited by the hardware resources you have available.

The eSmart Systems platform is designed for, and born, in the cloud which means it is capable of totally utilizing the power, flexibility and elasticity of the cloud. It is not a legacy platform adapted to the cloud, it is a true cloud born platform.

Platform in Microsoft Azure cloud

The eSmart Systems platform is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centres.

eSmart Systems chose to build the architecture on a concept of Platform as a Service. This means that Microsoft is responsible for keeping infrastructure available and running, providing eSmart Systems with a framework to develop and deploy our business logic in. This means that we can focus solely on what we know best and do not have to spend time on IT infrastructure.

Close collaboration with Microsoft

Since the beginning, eSmart Systems has cooperated closely with Microsoft starting already at the planning stage of the development of the eSmart Systems platform. eSmart Systems has and still is challenging Microsoft when it comes to the capabilities on Microsoft Azure. eSmart Systems is a trusted Azure Advisor and work close with core teams in Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, to make sure our platform and services are state of the art, and built using best practices.

The eSmart Systems platform integrates to on premise solutions through a legacy integration, that provides connectivity for existing Line-of-Business systems, as well as a real-time integration for today’s IoT centric world. Both provide to-way communication which enables data to be sent back to existing systems as well as controlling IoT devices. 

The eSmart Systems platform is a platform designed to analyse large amounts of data. Machine Learning and Analytics is built directly into the central part of the platform and intelligence is a key component in every functionality eSmart Systems delivers. With the use of Microsoft Azure and the architecture that eSmart Systems has put on top of it, Artificial Intelligence has never been easier. Our Deep Learning models challenges what it possible in Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft is stretching the limit to make it possible for us. 

eSmart Systems recognizes that there is no silver bullet when it comes to data storage. We utilize a wide array of storage technologies and combine them to cater for all types of data. Our internal data model is key to give insight whether the data is structured, unstructured, video, images or any type of sensor data.

Microsoft Azure has the most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud provider, it has more certifications than any other cloud provider and is an industry leader for customer advocacy and privacy protection. In addition, it provides unique data residency guarantees. All of this makes Microsoft Azure a cloud that eSmart Systems can trust to keep our customers’ data safe. 

eSmart Systems acknowledge that the data we ingest is our customer’s data. We do not do any attempt to lock them in or keep them for ourselves. We strive to keep an open platform with APIs that make data available both pre-processed and processed. The results of our algorithms will be of importance to our customers in other parts of their business and it is our joy to see that what our platform is capable of gives increased value to our customers’ business.