Connected Vehicle

The electric vehicle is the only new load to enter the electricity system in decades. Using eSmarts Connected Vehicle product suite, utilities, aggregators and building owners can optimize power output in V2H, V2B and V2G enviroments.

Handle the new EV-charging loads without upgrading your grid

eSmart systems develops state-of-the-art systems capable of real-time continuous demand management and EV-charge loads enabling utilities to to handle EV-charging without grid upgrades.

Third party studies have shown that our solution enabled utilities to handle 5X as many electric vehicle charges compared to no demand side management. 

Solutions tailored to your choice of infrastructure and business models

No matter if you choose demand side management through charging stations, smart home and buildings or to communicating with EV’s directly, we provide tailor made solutions.

We also support both local and global decision support systems.

Faster charging – best choice for the customers, the best choice for utilities

By using active real-time demand side management, faster charging creates a more flexibility, more efficient system.

If you don’t want to be the only utility that can’t handle faster charging in homes and buildings, you should contact eSmart Systems today to learn more about what Connected Vehicle can do for you.

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