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Connected Trading

Originally developed with one of the world’s largest financial trading houses, Connected Trading offers the Energy Trading floor the fastest, most efficient and accurate cloud based financial trading system in the market. Thousands of daily trades can be processed efficiently and speedily in multiple markets. New financial commodities, markets and products can be set up and traded in minutes not hours. Automated cascading, trade splitting and option exercising delivers accurate trade reconciliation to multiple brokers and exchanges. 

Connected Trading is the trading system ready for the future.


The Reconciliation Issue 

Thousands of trades from multiple exchanges and brokers is a nightmare to reconcile accurately in time. Errors slip past risk managers and cause traders financial headaches. Unreconciled accounts with brokers and exchanges causes margin and financial issues wasting time when traders should be making money. 

Taking the original trading system, eSmart Systems rewrote it to take advantage of modern technology and delivery methods. Today Connected Trading allows for thousands of trades to be processed in multiple markets and has proven its superiority in international trading already.


21st Century Connected Trading

Connected Trading supports a full trade lifecycle from trade capture to cleared and reconciled. You can configure commodities, markets and products, and model your market and clearer rules and reports according to your specific needs. In addition, Connected Trading supports product cascading out of the box. As a typical trading organization handles more than 500,000 trades per year, a scalable architecture is a requirement. Connected Trading is this scalable cloud-ready solution either through the Azure Cloud or self-hosted on premise. Utilizing Machine Learning, Connected Trading is the future-ready trading system .

  • Trade capture API
  • Market (Price) API
  • Clearing, Reconciliation, EOD Reporting
  • Interfacing Web API, OData
  • Broker, Trading and Clearing Fee handling
  • Product Modeling
  • Scheduling
  • Reference Data management

Connected trading lets you set up new markets and products in minutes not hours. It facilitates automated process of Configure, Trade and Reconcile. The system is user configured to allow automated matching to all brokers and exchanges and it allows traders to trade in new international markets when they want to. 

Using Connected Trading will allow your Traders to trade more and take the pressure off your risk management team leading to increased through put and reduced risk hence leading to increased profit and productivity.

Why eSmart Systems?

Sustainability: We help you prepare for a greener future

Cost efficiency: Use innovative technology to cut your costs

Collaboration: Efficient information flow between different domains

Cloud solution: No installation, no initial investments 

Insight: Be empowered by Digital Intelligence

Scalability: Start small with low risk and expand as you go 

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eSmart Systems is based on more than two decades of successful and extensive international experience at establishing, growing and operating knowledge-based and world-leading IT- and energy-related companies targeting global markets.

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