Intelligent energy management with flexibility optimization

Intelligent energy management

The total cost of energy includes both energy consumption (per kWh) and peak load (per kW). As consumption during peak hours can incur costs, reducing load and consumption during these hours may yield income. The advent of local energy production like solar PV and the shift to electromobility will increase both complexity and potential yield from intelligent energy management.

Optimize energy consumption

Connected Prosumer provides the end user with the possibility to optimize the energy consumption, production and storage according to their energy contracts, all through a simple and visually soothing dashboard or app interface.

Connected Prosumer allows better utilization of energy assets by collecting data, predicting energy production, consumption and flexibility, and tailor detailed control plans to the prosumer’s preferences.

Data streams are subjected to eSmart Systems’ analytics capabilities. Visualisation and control is provided through dashboards and apps. The result is energy cost savings of 10-30% and the opportunity to offer flexibility as a relief to local grid constraints or energy flexibility markets.

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