A complete and automated collection and distribution of business critical production data.

Connected Production

Avoid delays – eSmart Connected Production uses push technology to secure accurate and immediate delivery of high quality meter data to critical business processes and decisions.

Automated and seamless Integration with Elhub

Compliant with new requirements to be introduced in first half of 2017. Are you prepared for the future?

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Multi commodity: full support for power, gas, hydro, solar, wind...

Efficient data collection from meters and distributed energy resources provides command management such as remote connect/disconnect, validating, editing and estimating meter reads and exception management to secure optimal energy balancing operations.

Accurate, real-time data status enables you to make the right decisions.

With new demands on data quality and delivery deadlines you need to avoid manual operations. Increase speed and quality by using Connected Production for your energy operations.  

Handles big and real-time data

The amount of data available to the energy producers will increase significantly. This is due to finer resolution, and moves towards real-time data.

New types of data are added, such as sensors in buildings and homes, social media and news feeds. These data types will also evolve into many new variants that will put heavy demands on the technological platform of the future.

eSmart Connected Grid gives you compliance with market trends & changes.

“Transactive energy is a software-defined, low-voltage distribution grid that enables market participation by distributed energy resources (DER) bidding generation of negawatts or kilowatts”
- Christine Hertzog

The way of the future

How will you take advantage of the possibilities that Connected Production brings? At eSmart Systems we have a passion for finding disruptive ways to make energy work for producers in an active and evolving energy market. That’s why we’re Powered by Values.

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