Connected Home

Consumerization will become the driving force in the energy and utility industry transformation. Utilizing the flexibility in homes and apartments will be a huge asset for a smarter grid. 

Connecting Homes

The Connected Home software provides direct connection to Smart Meters, Home Automation Systems, gateways and other controllable sensors in your home. Your customers will soon become advanced users, so called Prosumers, capable of both producing, storing and consuming energy during a day.

The ‘eSmart Connectivity’ application will provide the latest technology to ensure stable and high performance connectivity with your customers’ home infrastructure and data from both internal and external data sources. The eSmart product suite will be the tool you need to build a strong platform offering to serve your future customer base.

Fast integration capabilities to different Smart Home platforms.

The Connected Home software will interact with state-of-art smart home gateways, meters and sensors to read and control retail customers. Alarms, Consumer apps and displays will interact with customers to provide real-time information and control

Embedded Big Data and analytics capabilities

The Connected Home software provides strong focus on consumer apps, and a robust optimization engine to control end-user flexibility against grid balance and tariffs.

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