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Connected Health

Connected Health is a cloud-based solution enabling you to meet growing healthcare sector demands. Using Digital Intelligence, patients experience healthcare services tailored to their specific needs.  

The Health Care sector faces great challenges

The number of elderly and inhabitants with chronic diseases is increasing, resulting in dramatic demand for healthcare workers. Patients expect to be in control of their own lives and have increasingly greater demands on health care services supplied by public institutions. This causes challenging situations for municipalities and hospitals obliged to take care of those in need of health care services. As a result, patients are discharged earlier than before, and sometimes too early.


What if ...

  • Health care providers could offer patients the chance to stay at home while providing them with same quality health care.
  • It were possible to optimize the health care workers’ use of time and resources by actually assisting those in need of help when they actually need it. 
  • You could improve collaboration between various health care institutions and include next of kin. 
  • Introducing Digital Intelligence to the health care sector could reduce the number of readmittance and mortality. 
  • Health care workers could focus on working proactively rather than reactively reducing both cost and strain. 


Connected Health

By using Connected Health you can optimize your resources and help your patients when they actually need it. Using different interfaces and apps, Connected Health facilitates direct dialogue with patients through voice and video. Through our cloud based platform, the solution can be linked to various types of welfare technology and IoT equipment.

"A Smart City cannot exclude 1/4 of their inhabitants. That is why we incorporate healthcare in our Smart City initiative"

Martin Vik - Head of Communications, Municipality of Halden

Why eSmart Systems?

Sustainability: We help you prepare for a greener future

Cost efficiency: Use innovative technology to cut your costs

Collaboration: Efficient information flow between different domains

Cloud solution: No installation, no initial investments 

Insight: Be empowered by Digital Intelligence

Scalability: Start small with low risk and expand as you go 

Connected Health features:

  • The Response Center application enables you to centrally monitor and respond to different alarm situations.
  • Generates alarms from sensors and/or specific threshold values.
  • Create assignments to health care workers and next of kins.
  • Localization of patients and health care workers using GPS-technology in emergency situations. 
  • Call center solution including voice and video dialogue with patients and health care workers.
  • Risk score on users using machine learning with a preventive focus
  • Enables collaboration across domains with a Smart City mindset, utilizing IoT devices and business systems.

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