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Connected Grid

Is your company seeking to capitalize on smart metering system investments? Are you looking to create smart grids and more efficient network operations? 

Optimize Smart Metering investments

All electricty customers will receive new, intelligent power meters before january 1 2019. The new meters will provide more detailed information about power usage and prices, and open up for additional useful functionality and services.

Energy producers are responsible for installation, and will have commenced roll-out by the end of 2015.

Connected Grid uses the new infrastructure in a completely new way compared to traditional Meter Data Management.

Reduce future grid investments

eSmart Connected Grid takes advantage of the new infrastructure, which significantly improves control of the power grid.


In this way it will be possible to improve metering infrastructure and handle the increase in capacity demanding loads more efficiently, giving you a better and faster grid status.

Handles big and real-time data

The amount of data available to energy producers will increase significantly due to finer resolution, as we move towards real-time data.

New types of data are being added from sources such as sensors in buildings and homes, social media and news feeds. These data types will also evolve into many new variants that will put heavy demands on the technologic platform of the future.

eSmart Connected Grid ensures your compliance with market trends & changes.

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