A true game changer for power line inspections


Connected Drone

Connected Drone utilizes Digital Intelligence applications such as image recognition to drastically improve your infrastructure inspections. 

With Connected Drone, utilities for the first time have the ability to use Artificial Intelligence to catalog infrastructure components through our Intelligent Assistant. Running on eSmart Systems Connected Platform and Microsoft Azure, The Intelligent Assistant can analyze 100,000 images in less than an hour - that's more than a human can do in a year.

Connected Drone is released with the following intelligent features:

  • Automatic detection of masts, insulators, traverses and top hats
  • Automatic detection of objects on powerlines
  • Automatic detection of missing top hats
  • Installation analysis of insulators

The Connected Drone's product portfolio is being developed in close collaboration with a number of utilities nationally and internationally. Thanks to eSmart Systems AI Training Services we provide intelligent features at record speed. As new intelligent features are ready, these are installed in the product and is seamlessly accessible to the end users.

The results from the Connected Drone are presented through an intuitive and user-friendly client interface, giving the users a fast and efficient tool to view the status of their infrastructure as well as exporting reports as a basis for their maintenance tasks. 

With state-of-the art architecture and user-friendly interface, Connected Drone and The Intelligent Assistant gives you a complete overview of your inspected assets

Why eSmart Systems?

Sustainability: We help you prepare for a greener future

Cost efficiency: Use innovative technology to cut your costs

Collaboration: Efficient information flow between different domains

Cloud solution: No installation, no initial investments 

Insight: Be empowered by Digital Intelligence

Scalability: Start small with low risk and expand as you go 

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