Connected Building

Commercial buildings consume more than 40% of the world’s electricity usage. Controlling this load is crucial for any aggregator or utility planning to have effective demand side management programs, or enterprises looking to have control of their energy usage. 

Connecting Buildings

The Connected Building software provides direct connection to Building Automation Systems and other controllable energy sources and production.

eSmart Connectivity provides the latest technology to ensure stable and high performance connectivity.

Big Data in Practice

Real time analytics is crucial to optimizing a building’s energy usage.

Whether a customer needs demand-side management of their portfolio of buildings, or to optimize a single building according to energy or utility prices, no other system surpasses the eSmart Data platform.

Considering both operators and users

To be fully energy efficient, smart buildings are not enough. Enterprises have to invest in smarter operators and smarter users of buildings.


The right tools in the right hands

eSmart provides apps and desktop applications tailored for owners, operators or users.

Systems are designed specifically for your buildings and user groups. 

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