End User Applications

A brilliant platform is nothing without great visualization. eSmart Systems' End User Applications let the power of our platform shine through innovative use of maps, colors and diagrams like nothing seen in this space before.

eSmart Consumer Apps

Lets your customers connect directly to the power of the eSmart System Platform through the relevant Connected product.

Let your customers experience rich, real-time information and take advantage of predictions and optimization in a way that add value to their day-to-day life.

eSmart Professional Apps

Streamline your operations with the real-time information provided by the eSmart System Platform through intuitive dashboards and map-based UI.

Focusing on abnormalities, you don't have to spend time on operations that run as they should. Our Professional Apps are available for rich Windows clients and lighter versions for field use.

eSmart Public Sector Apps

Designed for Smart City use, our Public Sector Apps lets citizens follow the status of their community.

Is public transport running as it should? What will your water bill be for the coming month? What is your predicted usage of district heat for the rest of the year?

eSmart Public Sector Apps is the easiest way to reach out with real time information.

Sound interesting?

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eSmart Systems is based on more than two decades of successful and extensive international experience at establishing, growing and operating knowledge-based and world-leading IT- and energy-related companies targeting global markets. 

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