eSmart Grid Connected Products

The brand new eSmart software is built on modern data platform philosophies. No legacy, and designed for Big Data from the ground up. All eSmart products are built on our cutting edge system platform.

Connected Grid

Is your company seeking to capitalize on smart metering system investments? Are you looking to create smart grids and more efficient network operations? 

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Connected Production

Avoid delays – eSmart Connected Production uses push technology to secure accurate and immediate delivery of high quality meter data to critical business processes and decisions.

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Connected Building

Commercial buildings consume more than 40% of the world’s electricity usage. Controlling this load is crucial for any aggregator or utility planning to have effective demand side management programs, or enterprises looking to have control of their energy usage. 

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Connected Home

Consumerization will become the driving force in the energy and utility industry transformation. Utilizing the flexibility in homes and apartments will be a huge asset for a smarter grid. 

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Connected Vehicle

The electric vehicle is the only new load to enter the electricity system in decades. Using eSmarts Connected Vehicle product suite, utilities, aggregators and building owners can optimize power output in V2H, V2B and V2G enviroments.

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End User Applications

A brilliant platform is nothing without great visualization. eSmart Systems' End User Applications let the power of our platform shine through innovative use of maps, colors and diagrams like nothing seen in this space before.

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