Tore Lie (eSmart Systems), Lon Tierney (Microsoft) and Henrik Bache (eSmart Systems) out in the field inspecting power lines.

Thundercloud identifies potential issues in the US power grid

This summer eSmart Systems has been analyzing image data for a Midwest Utility in US, inspecting 40 miles of their powerlines using the Thundercloud drone system.

By combining the power of Microsoft Cloud with ground-breaking use of Artificial Intelligence, eSmart Systems and Microsoft transform sensor data into actionable insight. With Thundercloud, utilities can send smart drones out on beyond-line-of-sight missions and pinpoint faults and weaknesses. 

“What eSmart is doing is rather innovative. They are leveraging our cognitive service from Microsoft to really augment the capabilities of their customers. It is helping the experts in the field scale by leveraging AI to help them identify potential issues in the power grid”, says Lon Tierney, Director Business Strategy Leadership, Government Industry.

Lon Tierney brought the Microsoft concept vehicle and demonstrated the power of mobile cloud-connectivity out in the field. Microsoft Connected Vehicle is a mobile operational center that communicates directly with the drones, with a seamless flow of data from the drones to the eSmart Systems’ platform. 

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By using drones, energy companies reduce the costs and improve the efficiency of the inspection and monitoring of critical infrastructure. It also enables insight through end-to-end integration between drones, cloud and end-users.