«This is the backpack version of Thundercloud»

eSmart Systems’ revolutionizing drone inspection product enters the Norwegian and Swedish market.

“Thundercloud Lite is a system which uses drones to gather real-time data from the electricity grid. The drone fly over the power lines, filming the components. The footage material is uploaded directly to eSmart Systems’ Connected Drone system. Equipped with artificial intelligence, the system provides a complete overview of what has been downloaded”, says CEO of eSmart Systems, Knut Johansen.

Detects grid errors faster

The brand-new product Thundercloud Lite will be launched in Norway and Sweden next week, and differs from the large-scale concept in one main area:

“The large-scale version has its own command center in the shape of a pick-up truck. It comes with flight software, analysis software and computer capacity in the mobile operation center. Thundercloud Lite is a simpler version in the sense that we use a so-called backpack drone. It sends the data straight to the system, and not via the command center in the drone vehicle, explains Johansen.

This means the energy companies and grid operators that use the product will be able to find and fix errors much faster, and also direct maintenance activities to the right places in the grid.

Highly relevant in Winter Wonderland

“This technology allows them to prioritize correctly”, comments Johansen.

He explains that eSmart Systems has worked towards the Thundercloud Lite launch for two years, collaborating with twelve electricity grid operating companies in the process.

“Now, we have productified the system and are ready to launch. The actuality is obvious when we look at the winter we have had and all the snow several places in Norway, where there have been long-lasting power outages. With Thundercloud Lite, we can greatly reduce the outage time for our customers, and reconnect the power grid much faster, notes eSmart’s CEO.

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