"This is innovation at its finest"

These past few days eSmart Systems have had several high profiled visits. The Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, and Minister of Research and Higher Education, Iselin Nybø, visited the Simulation Center iHalden May 28th. This was followed by a visit from Norway's first Minister of Digitalisation, Nikolai Astrup, June 3rd.

The main objective for their trip to Halden was to gain a better understanding of the many innovative projects concerning smart energy, digitalisation and AI.  

The Minster of Digitalisation did also attend the opening of Institute for Energy Technology's new cybersecurity and digitalisation lab.  Read more about Institute for Energy Technology (IFE).  

Key to success 

The Ministers received a brief introduction to eSmart Systems, Smart Innovation Norway and Nordic Media Lab. They got to experience first-hand applied AI by testing the Connected Drone product demo, which also included how eSmart Systems train machine learning algorithms using simulation. 

This is an exciting and important technological environment, not just for Østfold, but for Norway. I believe the key to succeeding in digitalisation in Norway is the interaction you have between different companies and their expertise. We have come a long way, but now we must step it up to the next level- and this kind of business cluster is one of the most exciting things we can have in order to achieve it”,  said Nikolai Astrup. 

“Professionally, what made the greatest impression is the collaboration between different environments that have come together and created something completely new. This is innovation at its finest and there is more to come. It is very inspiring to see that companies that originated from here also manage to achieve success abroad”, Astrup continues. 

Innovation is the future  

It is clear that the innovative work and solutions developed in Halden are fully in line with the Governments aspirations. 

“A great example of what we want more of; where research meets business”, said Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, after the presentation. 

During this year's Conservative Party Conference speech, the Prime Minster gave a special mention to eSmart Systems and Smart Innovations Norway's innovative efforts. Watch video here.  

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