Representatives from TEA and eSmart Systems

TEA and eSmart Systems enter agreement to initiate strategic partnership

The Energy Authority (TEA) has selected eSmart Systems US to provide the underlying data management and machine learning analysis systems in support of TEA's new “Connected Analytics" service.

The Energy Authority (TEA) is a leader in helping public power utilities extract value from their assets and manage the risk of transacting in the wholesale energy markets in the USA. With major changes in the power industry, such as increased use of renewables and the explosion of data collected from the smart grid and smart meters, TEA sees an opportunity to apply its analytics capabilities in a number of new areas.

"TEA’s Connected Analytics offers a broad array of robust, insightful data analysis solutions for public power. TEA is expanding its role as the strategic partner for public power to help our clients thrive in this new, data-driven world by delivering high quality, customer-focused service while controlling costs. We were looking for a technology partner who understands public power, has the capability to quickly and efficiently analyze big data to support these services, and has a desire to grow with us”, says Joanie Teofilo, CEO of TEA in a press release.

eSmart Systems has decades of experience working with public power utilities globally and will support the project using its Connected Grid platform, which is based on Microsoft’s Azure technology.

eSmart Systems' CVP International Markets, Knut Gustavsen and Bill Clarke, TEA Executive Director, Strategic Innovations & Analytics.

Picture: eSmart Systems' CVP & President North America, Knut Gustavsen and Bill Clarke, TEA Executive Director, Strategic Innovations & Analytics.

"eSmart Systems is proud to enter an agreement with TEA, a key player in the American energy industry with an impressive use of analytics. Our experience with public power utilities in Europe, which face retail competition and renewables at a faster pace than public power in the US, should allow eSmart to be a great partner of TEA and provide a perfect opportunity to accelerate eSmart Systems’ growth in the US market,” says Knut H.H. Johansen, CEO of eSmart Systems.

Read the full press release from TEA here.

About TEA:

The Energy Authority, Inc. is the strategic partner of choice for public power in the USA. Through the customized application of portfolio management, ISO/RTO trading, bilateral power trading, power supply management, and natural gas trading services, TEA is currently collaborating with over 50 public power utilities nationwide to help them optimize the value of their generation and load portfolio in wholesale energy markets in a manner that is consistent with each utility's unique risk tolerances. Established in 1997, TEA is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. TEA’s West Region Office, located in Bellevue, Washington, provides a full range of power and portfolio management services for public power utilities located in the Bonneville Power Authority balancing area as well as in the state of California.