Norwegian researchers will design the future EV society

eSmart Systems is one of the partners in the recent EU project GreenCharge, which aims to realize the “Zero Emissions Society” by innovating electric vehicle charging.

In January, the three-year GreenCharge project got the green light from the EU Commission. It has received 5 million euros of funding and is led by SINTEF.

The goal is to contribute to realizing what researchers like to call the “Zero Emissions Society”. To get there, the project partners will develop new business models, new technology and guidelines enabling cities to facilitate more electric vehicles (EVs) – without contributing to increased greenhouse gas emissions.

eSmart Systems will develop systems for smart neighborhoods, Fortum AS will deliver the EV charging system, the municipality of Oslo will manage the pilot work package, and the University of Oslo will contribute with their Smart Grid experience from the recently concluded project, CoSSMic.

The partners will demonstrate how the new solutions work in three cities; Barcelona, Bremen and Oslo. Once this is done, one expects more cities to follow.

GreenCharge is inspired by elements from the sharing economy, and the vision is a future where both cars, motorcycles and mopeds are electric, and where settlement of charging is painless for both supplier and end-user.

This should happen without overloading the electric grid, and at the same time, renewable energy sources should be routed into the grid. For this to be possible, several systems and solutions need to work together, and this is the system the researchers aim to develop through GreenCharge.