New owner strengthens Smartliv’s venture in the market

Hurum Kraft becomes the third company to buy into technology development company, Smartliv, which was initiated by eSmart Systems in 2015.

Smartliv has conducted a private placement towards Hurum Kraft with a share ownership of 30 %.

“We are very happy to say that we have established a strategic partnership to develop smart products which save energy and give our customers full access to controlling their own power consumption, comments CEO of Hurum Kraft, Christian Aakerman. He adds:

 “Many exciting things are happening in the field of digitalization, and we look forward to developing the collaboration further – to the delight of our customers.”

Competence and resources

The agreement prices Smartliv to 54,3 million NOK. Hurum Kraft will contribute with competence, resources, capital and projects that will strengthen Smartliv’s venture in the market.

 “Hurum Kraft is an energy company that have adapted to the changes in the power market and wishes to take part in the development of new technology. We have already invested a lot of resources in innovative products like smart electric vehicle (EV) charging. Together, we will provide smart energy services to both the private and corporate market,” says CEO of Smartliv, David Jacobsen.

Smartliv is now owned by Ringeriks-Kraft (35 %), eSmart Systems (35 %) and Hurum Kraft (30 %). The agreement was signed on March 13th, 2018.

Flexibility as a service

“We are happy and proud of the development of Smartliv. The company’s services give consumers the opportunity to steer clear of potentially large extra costs of effect. Consumers who use the Smartliv app in the future will take part in reducing the need for expansion of the grid, including the interferences with nature and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that follow,” notes CEO of eSmart Systems, Knut Johansen.

“To control the energy system as a whole, the energy market will demand a greater share of flexibility as a service. Smartliv will make it possible for any consumer to provide and earn money controlling their own energy consumption. Hurum Kraft’s ownership in Smartliv strengthens this development process,” explains Johansen.


About Smartliv:

  • Smartliv develops technology for smart control of energy and concepts for smart EV charging, solar panels, batteries, cottage control and smart energy homes.
  • The technology provides consumers with insight and knowledge about their own power consumption.
  • The Smartliv app makes it possible to charge your electric vehicle when the price of energy is at its lowest, monitor self-produced solar power, control heating in your home, and optimal comfort and control at your cabin.
  • The company was established in 2015, due to the deployment of smart meters and the possibility of new value increasing services in the power market.