Join the conference which answers all your questions regarding drones in grid operation!

How suitable are drones for optimizing operation of the power grid? This question, and more, will be answered during eSmart Systems’ conference “Drones in Grid Operation” on April 17th and 18th.

«We have gathered an excellent selection of speakers, power companies and experts. The program is specked with exciting content for those who would like to know how to use drones and smart software for better and more efficient operation of the grid, explains Tore Lie, Project Manager for Connected Drone at eSmart Systems.

He is one of the highly competent speakers who will be on stage in the Simulation Centre at Halden Innovation Park during the conference on April 17th and 18th.

Representatives from the regulating authorities and the energy sector will be present to provide insight into which challenges and possibilities that exist. In addition, there will be presentations covering the latest technology, communication and artificial intelligence connected to drones (Please note that the conference is in Norwegian). 

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List of speakers:

  • Bente Heggedal, Luftfartstilsynet ​​
  • Thomas Negård, Statnett
  • Geir Elsebutangen, Kragerø Energi 
  • Per-Magne Johansen, Troms Kraft Nett 
  • Siri Torgersen Ravndal, Lyse Elnett
  • Erol Cagatay, Robot Aviation 
  • Christian Nærup Børke, ADAPT Consulting
  • Rune Eikeland, Raven 
  • Rune Storvold, Norut 
  • Lars Frode Bjørk, Halden Brannvesen​
  • Tore Lie, eSmart Systems
  • Petter Aglen, Telenor
  • Bjørn Andreas Wentzel, Cisco 
  • Nils Jacob Berland, Bergen Robotics 
  • Davide Roverso, eSmart Systems 
  • Trond-Atle Bokerød, Nordic Media Lab