Customers shared their experiences and discussed Connected Grid with each other and representatives from eSmart System under the Connected Grid User Conference, march 2017.

eSmart Systems welcomed customers to the 2017 Connected Grid User Conference

What does it take to keep up with the technological revolution? Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th of March, some of eSmart Systems’ customers of Connected Grid met for demonstrations and discussion in Halden.

- Basically, there has only been two industrial revolutions; artificial energy and artificial intelligence. Joining Connected Grid, you are putting yourselves and your company in the right position for taking advantage of future benefits, says Knut Johansen, CEO of eSmart Systems.

The two day Connected Grid User Conference was held on Fredriksten Hotell at the fortress in Halden. Here, representatives from Gudbrandsdal Energi AS Nett, Hurum Energiverk AS, Hurum Nett, Lyse Elnett, Ringeriks-Kraft Nett, Troms Kraft Nett, Vesteråkskraft Nett MAIK, Hafslund Nett and VOKKS joined employees from eSmart Systems to learn more about Connected Grid and share thoughts and experiences. 

- What we notice after using these programmes, is that we have done a lot of miscalculating over the years. Connected Grid enables us to do more correct calculations and also saves us a lot of time because we no longer have to manually compile all our collected data, says Morten Sjaamo, Project Manager of Ringeriks-Kraft Nett.


Filling the Pacific Ocean

Artificial intelligence was also a topic, and our Chief Analytics Officer, Davide Roverso, explained the concept of Big Data and machine learning.

- There are a lot more people who know how to move data around, than who know what to do with it. Within the year of 2020, there will be produced about one zettabyte per day. If one byte was equal to one corn of rice, this would mean we could fill the entire Pacific Ocean with rice every day, Roverso illustrated. 

The Connected Grid User Conference ended with an introduction to the Smart Water project on Hvaler by Thor Moen, and some of eSmart Systems’ regional managers discussing the most important trends in their regions.