Terry Sando, former director of UAS sector development and U.S. Air National Guard Colonel, will be working as business manager for eSmart Systems' UAS operation.

eSmart Systems to Open Office in North Dakota

At the UAS Summit in Grand Forks, eSmart Systems announced plans to open a new office in North Dakota.


eSmart Systems US Inc, a subsidiary of eSmart Systems AS in Norway, announced their plans to open a new office in North Dakota at the UAS Summit in Grand Forks after hiring Terry Sando as business manager for eSmart Systems' UAS operation. Sando has served as director of UAS sector development for Grand Forks Economic Development Corporation (EDC) since 2013, and is a retired U.S. Air National Guard Colonel with decades of aviation experience, including in unmanned aircraft missions.

eSmart Systems develops digital intelligence for the energy industry and smart communities, and already has a large customer base in Europe. North Dakota is known as the “Silicon Valley for Drones” and will be the hub for eSmart Systems in developing our UAS analytics services for the energy industry. The company has been working with the Center of Innovation in Grand Forks for about a year and a half, and has built a strong partner network in North Dakota. Microsoft Fargo - with their Azure Cloud platform services - will be an important partner in developing the new services.  

“We are very pleased to have Terry Sando on our team and leading our UAS business in the US. Terry’s network and long experience in this new industry will be a solid foundation for our success in the market,” says Knut Gustavsen, President North America operations.

Bruce Gjovig, CEO Emeritus of the Center for Innovation Foundation, said “eSmart has five years of expertise and experience in Norway of providing software solutions for energy companies and their service providers using UAS tools.   They have identified several strong partners among the UAS entrepreneur cluster in North Dakota to smartly monitor electrical assets and provide real time solutions to optimize the grid cost-effectively. Grand Sky’s new capability of enabling Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights will accelerate the usability for the utility industry,” he added.


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